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Since 2003, about 200 students have been able to improve their knowledge through the production practice at clinics of the universities of the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Egypt, Russia, Turkey and of other leading universities every year.

Students, taking an active part in international programs every year, have the right to earn money for studying at foreign universities.

Currently, Azerbaijani students in Turkey, USA, Germany, France, Japan and other countries receive or continue to receive education in their specialty in different languages.

Since 2012, there has been organized an association of students with good knowledge of foreign languages in the Department of International Relations. Students take part in various international events; contact their peers who study at foreign universities, regularly exchange information and experience.

On March 16-18, Students of Azerbaijan Medical University took part in the seminar of the
In February 2012, a student of the University of Oklahoma got one-month rotation at Azerbaijan Medical University.
On July 14-28, students of the First Moscow Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov arrived in Baku for the summer production practice
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