UNIVERSİTY / Science / Scientific Research Laboratory / Laboratory of systemic physiology named after P.A Anokhin

Topic: Assessment and correction of the initial psychophysiological changes in the system mechanisms of emotional stress (Department of Normal physiology, supervisor – prof. A.M. Mammadov).


Purpose: To study the internal activity of the brain with the help of clinical EEG during the evaluation and correction of initial psychophysiological changes in the systemic mechanisms of emotional stress, a systematic study of the psychophysiological aspects of the human factor in dispatchers in situations of emotional stress.

Result: Increased theta and alpha rhythm in the forehead area of the brain during intense mental activity of young people aged 15-18 years, which varies depending on the age, gender and heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure.

For the first time, a diagnostic feature was revealed using an unconventional screening method in ECG technologies to detect various cardiac pathologies, particularly, ischemic symptoms in people working in extreme conditions.

Effects of dermatologic correction significantly reduce ECG dysfunction and normalize the rhythms of the brain in the EEG, regulating the activity of the brain.

"Psychotron-X" was used to correct the psychophysiological state, taking into account the rational use of previously developed automated systems for aerodynamics. This approach creates an opportunity to achieve the desired psychological state of the dispatchers. The use of multistage auto-psycho-complex tests is associated with the capabilities of individual psycho-physiological resources.


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