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In the integration of the Azerbaijani medical science into the world medical science, the important role is played by obtaining the approvals of scientists from our university to the leading research centers of developing countries, to scientific conferences and symposia. In 2015, 156 scientific and pedagogical staff of AMU regularly participated in 99 scientific conferences, congresses and symposiums that took place in foreign countries.


In 2015, the following international events were held:

1. VI Congress of the Eurasian Community on Urology and Oncology

2. International scientific and practical conference on "Organ transplantation".

3. Scientific-practical conference dedicated to the World Kidney Day.

4. International scientific-practical conference on "surgery of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and restoration with the help of modern method of treatment".

5. Symposium of Azerbaijani-Turkish dentists, dedicated to the birthday of the national leader Heydar Aliyev.

6. II Azerbaijani-Turkish Conference on Nephrology.

7. XX International Dental Conference on the topic "Actual problems of dentistry".

8. Second International Medical Congress of medical students and young doctors.

9. Sixth International Conference of the Association of Turkish Specialty of Internal Diseases.

10. International Symposium on "Global Mental Health and diseases associated with impaired development ".

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