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In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Examinations of students studying on a credit system," the organizations of examinations, the mechanism for assessing the results of examinations at Azerbaijan Medical University are defined as follows:

- in each version, the student is presented with 50 (under the previous program), 25 questions on a new application program,

- for each discipline the student will be given 60 (under the previous program), 50 minutes on the new program,

- every correct answer is evaluated in 1 (one) (under the previous program), in 2 (two) points on the new program,

- the wrong answer is estimated at 0.16 points, and the unanswered questions in 0 (zero) points (under the previous program)

- the wrong answer, as well as unanswered questions is estimated at 0 (zero) points on the new program

- the final result of the student's examination is calculated by rounding to the nearest whole (for example, 16.5-17.0).


2. Participation of students in examinations, requirements and rules

It should be borne in mind that the exam process is constantly monitored by CCTV cameras installed in the examination rooms and video is being recorded.

If during the observation or after viewing the CCTV exam was found a serious violation of the student, and this is confirmed by the investigation, the results of the examination are canceled by the university administration.

In addition, the examiners must adhere to the following rules:

- students must have a student ID card, a student's record book and a personal password (code), otherwise the student is not allowed into the exam room,

- students are forbidden to appear on the exam with any information carrier (books, notebooks, notes, telephone and other electronic media, etc.). If it turns out that during the exam the student used information means, the student will be removed from the exam and his/her results will be deleted.

- a student entering the exam room is accompanied by a representative of the Control Group (CG), passes registration, sits down at the computer and is behind it until the end of the exam.

- during the exam, students are prohibited to move freely around the audience. Otherwise, the student is immediately removed from the exam. If necessary, a student can change the place only with the permission of authorized persons.

- before the exam, a student should study the rules of using the examination system. For this purpose, special training for students is organized.

- during the exam to communicate with other students, consult and look at their monitors is prohibited. In the first case, a student receives a warning, but if this case is repeated, the student is removed from the exam.

- in the case of problems during the examination process, students should contact the controller of the CG.

- a student does not have the right to turn off the computer and disconnect from the network. If a student caused damage to the computer's technical / software, the results are canceled, the student is eliminated from the exam and provide compensation for caused damage.

- if a student attempts to pass the exam using the password of another student, the results will be deleted and the guilty will be excluded from the university students, the necessary measures are taken,

- students, removed from the audience and dissatisfied with their results, within the same day can apply to the Appeal Board of their faculty.

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