UNIVERSİTY / The Examination Center / Instructions for using examination system

1. Login

In order to enter the system, you are required to type your individual code to both of the “username” and “password” fields which you see in home page. After typing your code, you must click “Log in” button to enter the system. If you face any problem in this step, you can approach exam center of the university.


2. Choosing the exam course name

Once you enter the system, you will see your dashboard which contains your name, surname and profile photo. Additionally, on this page you need to find the course name from which you will sit in exam. Then by clicking on its name you will go to the next page.


3. Starting exam

On the left side of this page you can see the course name with big letters and time allowed for the exam in the center. This means that you have 50 minutes for the exam. Please note that, all information you see in this video is conventional and for tutorial purpose. So, in your exams number of questions and time limit may be different. By clicking on “Start test” button you can start your exam. Then you will see the notification about the time limit and countdown. Here you must click on blue colored “Start attempt” button to see exam questions.


4. Exam process

All exam questions that you are provided, are located in the single page. You see the text and answer choices for each question individually. At the same time, by looking at the right side of this page you can check your time with “Time left” or “countdown” feature. For each question you can select its corresponding answer via cursor. After selecting answer you are allowed to change it until the end of the exam. You can navigate between questions by scrolling mouse's middle button up or down. Don’t worry that the time allowed for exam will end and your exam will not be completed. Please note that after time finished in countdown all your answers will be saved and submitted automatically by the system. If you have answered all the questions and you are sure about them, you can finish the exam on your own. Because of the tutorial we answer questions quickly.


5. Finishing the exam

After answering the questions you can click the blue-colored “Finish test” button. On the right, in the navigation section you see answered/unanswered questions. Answered questions are indicated as grey and unanswered ones as white. If there is a question you haven’t answered or you would like to clarify, you can return to that question by clicking the number of the question in the navigation section. After checking your answers, you click “Finish test” button on the bottom of the page. Now, if you are sure and you would like to finish the exam, go to end of the page and press “Send all and finish test”. In this case, the system will ask you to confirm your answers. In the “Confirmation” window by clicking the blue-colored “Send all and finish test” button, you submit all your answers. After this step you will not be able to go back and change your answers. If your "confirmation" decision is not final, you can return to the test and make any changes to the answers by

clicking the "Cancel" in this window. Don’t forget to submit your answers after changes!


6. Result of the exam

After clicking “Send all and finish test”, you will immediately see your exam result, containing your mark, correct and wrong answers. İf you are not satisfied with your result, you can apply to the Appeals Comission of the university.


7. Exit

You are required to log out of the system after seeing your exam result. For that, raise your hand to invite the exam invigilator, and under his supervision click your image in the right upper corner of the page, then press “Log out” button appeared in the small window. You can leave the exam hall after seeing home page.

Good luck!




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