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Elvin Haji Kerimli was born in Baku on August 14, 1983. In 1990-2000 he studied at secondary school No. 281 in Baku. In 2000 he entered the pharmaceutical faculty of Azerbaijan Medical University, in 2004 he graduated from the Bachelor's degree, and in 2006 - the Master's program. In 2010 he was appointed as a senior laboratory assistant of the pharmacognosy and botany department. Since 2012, the assistant of the department, and since 2018 and to this day works as a senior teacher.

E. H. Kerimli is the chairman of the Student Trade Union Committee of AMU from 09.06.2017. In 2017 he defended his thesis on "Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy".

E. G. Kerimli is the author of 25 scientific articles and theses, and also a member of the Scientific Council of AMU. In addition, he is a representative of the Trade Union Republican Committee of Health Workers.

During his tenure: Discussions, brain mania, treatment, intellectual clubs function as part of the Student Trade Union Committee. Organization of winter and summer vacations, providing students with hostels, assistance to low-income students, holding various events, sending talented students, monitoring student hostels and cafeterias, as well as participation as an expert in the appeal examination. The Student Trade Union Committee organizes these events.

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