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In 1959 in the State Medical Institute named after Nariman Narimanov made an attempt to create a dance ensemble in the current Azerbaijan Medical University. Soloist of the Republican Philharmonic Amina Dilbazi gladly accepted the offer to lead the ensemble. The dance team of the girls was named "Chinar". "Chinar" began his career with the dance "Chinar". Later a team of girls performed such dances as "Benovsha", "Jeyran", "Wagzals-Mirzagi", "Gaval", which found their way to the hearts of people. "Chinar" soon became popular with his lyrical dances and won the love of audience. Soon "Chinar" was awarded the title of national ensemble. Four pupils-dancers were awarded with the Honorary Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan, the artistic director of the collective A. Dilbazi was awarded the title of People's Artist of Azerbaijan.

Documentary films were made about the creative work of the national ensemble. The folk ensemble "Chinar" performed concert programs in 1990 in Turkey, in 1991 in Germany, in 1992 in Cyprus.

"Chinar" for more than 45 years has won the hearts of the audience with its colorful performances.

At present, the former soloist of the folk ensemble "Chinar", the graduate of Azerbaijan Medical University Nargiz Abdullayeva helps Amina khanum in the preparation of dances of the national ensemble "Chinar".

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