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The main goal of the organization is to represent and protect the interests of students and each student separately in the direction of implementing state youth policy, ensuring their active participation in the socio-cultural and socio-economic life of the republic.

Main tasks of the organization:

1. Work on solving social problems of students;

2. Carrying out educational work among students;

3. Effective organization of students leisure;

4. Ensuring the rights of students;

5. Ensuring the participation of talented and creative students in competitions, Olympiads, exhibitions and festivals throughout the republic and abroad;

6. Organization of meetings, seminars, festivals, forums, exhibitions, events, round tables, scientific conferences, training courses, promotional campaigns, discussion clubs, symposia, meetings with outstanding personalities with the participation of students;

7. Publishing newspapers and magazines to provide information about student and youth events, as well as events in the socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life of the republic;

8. The organization of associations, clubs, courses and services to ensure the interests and trends of students, their intuitive development;

9. Receiving information from relevant departments and faculties on the number of students, their education, discipline and hostel;

l0. Implementation of other duties not prohibited by law.

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