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The Student Trade Union Committee (STUC) of Azerbaijan Medical University has an intense activity.

The representative of the organization is a full member of the Scientific Council of the faculty, and the chairman of the Committee is a member of the Scientific Council of the University. All decisions taken by the students of Azerbaijan Medical University are taken into account, in the opinion of this body.



The student trade union committee of the university has been working successfully since its inception.

The Student Trade Union Committee is responsible for education, social security, recreation, medical treatment, labor, sport and legal rights.

The STUC of AMU actively participates in the following issues:

* actively participates in meetings, conventions and conferences held at the university, makes offers;

* ensures participation of student activists in solving social and domestic problems in a positive direction;

* contributes to the preparation of highly qualified, deeply educated, promising, patriotic, experienced and qualified personnel in accordance with the profile of the higher educational institution;

* controls the growth of discipline among students; discusses and approves the rules of the internal discipline of the educational institution;

* holds mass sports events among students, cares about physical and mental health;

* organizes various activities for students;

* provides information about the proposals and comments of students to the administration, seeks solutions to them;

* regularly provides information on the work done and the measures taken to the members of the committee.



STUC provides active social activity of students.

Currently, the team "FLASHMOB", "Medical conversation", the intellectual club "WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? "," Civil Society - DEBAT Public Club ", a team of merry and resourceful "Esculap" are led under the supervision of the STUC. In addition, there is also a Medicus club created with the support of AMU and the Azerbaijan Federation of Air and Extreme Sports.

In addition, the STUC organizes various events to reward students, who take an active part in public affairs.



AMU has created all conditions for the effective organization of students free time. The university has sports and recreation complex, an indoor swimming pool, a health camp "Nabran", a research center, an Internet center, etc.

The university also has mass cultural associations, a dance group"Chinar", a group of "Merry and witty." At the end of each academic year, the "Graduation Day", dedicated to the graduation from AMU, is held. Graduates take the oath of Hippocrates and pass a white robe, cap and phonendoscope to freshmen, as a symbol of a doctor.

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