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The Anatomical Educational Museum of the Human Anatomy Department of the Azerbaijan Medical University in 1919-1922 occupied a small square, and in 1919, under the name of the Museum of Common Bones, was organized by prof. V. Razumovsky. This museum has a collection of bone preparations, which is of great importance, as well as skulls and bone preparations of comparative anatomy.

In the years 1923-1926 the departments of "Comparative Anatomy" together with "Internal organs" and "Embryology" were created. Professor K.N. Malinovsky, who headed the Department of Normal Anatomy of the medical faculty of Baku State University in 1922-1926, made great efforts to create these departments of the museum.

Since 1937, under the leadership and direct participation of Professor K.A. Balakishiev, as well as Professor A.I. Belenkaya and other staff of the department (associate professors S.A. Gasanov, B.G. Alizade, G.S. Hajiyev, M.S. Abdullaev, assistants S.M. Afandiev, Sh.G. Ragimov, R.A. Askerov, M.Sh. Jahangirov, etc.), the Museum of Anatomy began to grow intensively and be enriched with numerous drugs.

Later, the "Main (fundamental) Museum" was organized. In this museum materials of scientific research were kept, including dissertational works (preparations, photographs, tables and diagrams).

In the years 1973-1990 department of Dental anatomy was organized in the hall of the second floor under the leadership of the head of the department, Professor G.Sh. Hajiyev.

Regular visitors of the museum are students of the first and second courses of AMU. They freely study the sections of anatomy in the museum and have a clear idea of them, which increases the quality of the lessons. Both dry and old preparations of all anatomical derivatives that attract the attention of students are numbered in the list of their Latin names.

The museum's services are not only used by senior students, graduate students and residents, but also by doctors of various specialties, researchers and dissertators. Along with this, visitors from different cities of foreign countries, medical workers from different countries, heads of medical faculties of leading universities of the world, as before, enjoy visiting the museum with great pleasure.

At the Anatomical Educational Museum of Azerbaijan Medical University, there are currently more than 6,000 drugs. In the museum there are departments of the osseous system, joints, as well as departments of the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, sensory organs, endocrine glands, comparative anatomy, anatomy of the teeth and jaw system, teratology and history department, the Main (fundamental) museum.

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