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The Department of Physical Education and Sports was founded for the first time in 1931 as a course of physical education at the Department of Occupational Hygiene at Azerbaijan State Medical University. In the years 1933-1934 this course was transformed into an independent department of physical education and medical control. In 1940, the Department of Physical Education was connected with the military department. In 1969 the department was divided into two separate departments:

1. Department of Physical Education and Sports.

2. Department of therapeutic physical training and medical control.

In the years 1931-1950 the department was headed by S.G. Aliyev, in 1951-1954. Professor P.V. Blischenko, B.B. Muradov and A.I. Bugayev, and in 1954-1969 Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Republic of K.M. Akhundov. Since 1969 and up to the present time, the department is under the guidance of prof. K.A. Kabirlinsky. During this time, 3 teachers of the department defended their thesis on pedagogical sciences: K.M. Akhundov - 1967, K.A. Kabirlinsky - 1968, E.E. Kushnikov – 1986. Throughout the history of the department more than 380 specialized articles were written and published in various journals. In 1952-1969 sports events became more active due to the establishment of the Sports Club at the department. Students began to take part in different sports competitions. In 1984, the opening of the sports complex was held, which was unique in its structure, and this had a strong influence on the development of mass sports. The complex has 10 specialized gyms, an athletics arena and a 25-meter swimming pool. By 1991, the national teams of the Institute participated in numerous meetings in Kaunas, Minsk, Moscow, Ashgabat, Lviv and other cities and won numerous awards in different kinds of sports. AMU national teams won 1 time at the Spartakiada Games and 10 times at the Universiade, held among universities.

Since 1931 the Department of Physical Education has trained 80 masters of sports and more than 1000 specialists in mass sports. Employees of the department organized 20 kinds of divisions for improving sports and conducting regularly educational process. In 1982-2009, three (3) books were written and published:

1. K.A. Kabirlinsky: "A manual for higher educational institutions in handball" (in Azerbaijani). Baku, 1982;

2. M.I. Huseynov: "Athletics is the basis of all-round physical development" (textbook in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 1995;

3. Z.A. Mammadov: "Physical education and actual characteristics of sports" (textbook in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2009.

The sports club conducts sports and medical work with teachers and students living in dormitories. Chairman of the sports club: senior lecturer Sevinj Shamsaddin Isayeva. At present, 23 teachers, 2 laboratory assistants and 1 preparer work at the department. Since the formation of the Physical Education Department about 500 scientific articles, 20 monographs and 75 research materials have been published. In order to organize active recreation of a certain part of the faculty and athletes-students in summer vacations, a sports and health camp Nabran was established. 

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