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The combination of tradition and innovation

Azerbaijan Medical University is a scientific center, uniting thousands of students around the world, preparing doctors-professionals, specialists, and scientists. The educational process here is directly related to scientific research, achievements in the field of health.

Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) was founded in 1930 on the basis of the medical faculty of the Baku State University (BSU). From this point of view, our university, which is considered the successor of the medical faculty of BSU, has almost a hundred-year history.

Azerbaijan Medical University, which has been operating for more than half a century, is the largest scientific and medical center in Azerbaijan with a rich material and technical base, educational buildings, student hostels, clinics and laboratories. Research laboratories of our university are equipped with modern facilities, which increase the importance of scientific research and create sufficient human resources potential in the field of medicine.

Along with 4 existing clinics of AMU, there are 6 academic buildings, an office building and 6 student hostels with 1,700 seats. Only one 11-storey modern educational building can accommodate 2,500 students. There are a number of theoretical departments of the university, an Internet center, a unique library with a stock of about 1 million books and the publishing house Tabib.



The future of healthcare begins with us!

In 1996, our university was the first to be included in the register of international educational associations in London, among the universities of the South Caucasus. Our university was elected a full member of the Black Sea Universities Network in 1998, the International Association of Universities in 2000 and the European University Association in 2002.

Since the 1990s, young doctors who graduated from AMU have succeeded not only in Azerbaijan, but also in many other countries, including the United States, Germany, Turkey, Canada, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation, Switzerland and other countries. Annually dozens of graduates of Azerbaijan Medical University pass a commission in a number of advanced foreign countries (including the above-mentioned countries), certify their diplomas that they have received at the graduation from AMU and settle there.

Most of our scientists, who have defended their doctoral thesis and received the title of professor, who have been engaged in effective scientific and pedagogical activity for many years, actively participate in the socio-political life of the republic, as heads of various departments, research institutions and clinics. Among the staff there are authors of scientific publications, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, patents and rationalization proposals.


Coat of arms

In accordance with the decision of the 6th meeting of the Scientific Council of AMU dated January 27, a new coat of arms and AMU logo was approved.

The new coat of

arms of Azerbaijan Medical University has a round shape. In the center of the circle is a book, as a symbol of enlightenment and development. The book depicts a snake wrapping a bowl, in other words, the Hippocratic bowl. It is a key symbol of health and medicine in the world.

Under the book, Arabic numerals display the number 1930, which means the history of the university. A book, a date and a bowl with a snake are surrounded by two olive leaves. Olive is one of the main crops grown in Azerbaijan. It is considered a symbol of peace, development, and healing.

The words "Azerbaijan Medical University" are written along the edges of the coat of arms, and the Eight-pointed star is reflected on both sides of the words. Three bands of blue, red and green colors are depicted in the lower part of the coat of arms in accordance with the colors of our tricolor flag. These are symbols that characterize our belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan, our nationality and our state.

In the new AMU logo, a symbolic glass is depicted in the center of the book. A snake wrapped around the glass in the shape of a surgical needle. The logo depicts the abbreviation AMU, the date of establishment of the university, which is also marked with Arabic numerals.




Azerbaijan Medical University presents a successfully tested system of credit education in the leading countries of the world. The application of the credit system in the Bologna process allows expanding the mobility of students and teachers, as well as the specialization of students on the choice of subjects and teachers.

Since 2006/2007 academic years at the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Pharmacology, since 2009-2010 at the Dental Faculty and from 2010-2011 on the faculties of treatment- prevention and pediatrics the credit system of education is used.

Adoption of the "Law on Education" of the Republic of Azerbaijan in June 2009 provided favorable conditions for the transition to the credit system of education and postgraduate education with a residency system. This law ensures the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in accordance with the new rules.

New curricula, thematic modules were developed in connection with the application of the credit system in AMU, as well as joint meetings of students and parents with teachers and other employees. In AMU there are educational consultants - technical specialists to coordinate the training of credit systems and consultants for education - tutors to coordinate the training with the credit system in the faculties.

In general, the educational part of Azerbaijan Medical University is regulated by the Law on Education, the Law on the Protection of Public Health, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Improving the Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as relevant orders and orders of the Ministries of Health and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The new curriculum made a chance for students to attend summer schools in the universities of our republic and abroad. Thanks to the international relations of the university, many students have the opportunity to get loans for specialties in summer schools of foreign universities. At the same time, students from foreign countries, including Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland and other countries also take part in AMU Summer Schools.



At Azerbaijan Medical University there are 6 student hostels. 2 of them are for girls, 2 for boys and 2 hostels for foreign students.

The hostels are equipped with reading rooms, libraries, TVs, which allow watching world channels through satellite antennas.

On each floor of the hostel there are rest rooms, as well as a room for students' guests. The rooms are equipped with the most modern sleeping furniture, wardrobes and computer desks for each student. Heating, gas, electricity, telephone and internet lines are connected in the hostels.

For spending students’ leisure time effective and useful, there are organized various trips, sports and cultural programs, excursions to various historical places to familiarize foreign students with the culture and traditions of Azerbaijan.




The Educational- dental clinic of AMU was established in 2002 to achieve dental development, provide quality medical care to patients and educate professional dentists.

The dental clinic includes therapeutic, orthopedic, oral and facial surgeries, pediatric dental departments. Along with the dental department for students of the faculty of medical prevention and other faculties there are departments of therapy, surgery, orthopedics, orthodontics, periodontology, implantology, physiotherapy, roentgenology and the laboratory.

The dental clinic provides qualified dental care for the population, providing a base for students for conducting research and development work, and training highly qualified doctors and dentists.

There is also a training center in the Dental Clinic. There are phantom-offices, as well as 13 workplaces. Here, all residents and senior students of dentistry practice clinical practice and admit the patient.

Students practice in modern equipped practical classrooms, acquire practical skills and participate in various surgical operations. They use the latest equipment and materials used in dentistry.




Oncologic clinic of AMU has been working since 2007. The clinic consists of 2 inpatient departments, a day hospital, polyclinic and diagnostic departments, operating and anesthesia departments.

Histology laboratory, computed tomography, ultrasound diagnostic room, research and medical sectors, gynecological, surgical and other medical diagnostic departments of the clinic, equipped with modern equipment, are provided for use by teachers and doctors.

The clinic has a modern department of pediatric oncology, as well as an express laboratory, which operates for 24 hours.

The oncologic clinic also implements modern chemical therapy of patients.

Surgery and anesthesia departments consist of 4 operating rooms.




The opening of the Educational- therapeutic clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University was held in 2010. There are an efferent therapeutic center, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a clinic-diagnostic polyclinic, and a cardiovascular center in the clinic. The clinic also includes departments of endocrinology, endoscopy, hematology, hypertension, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, allergology and nephrology, resuscitation and intensive care, rheumatology and gastroenterology, radiation diagnostics, emergency care, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric pulmonology, allergology and endocrinology.

The clinic provides medical care to patients from all cities and regions of the republic.

The clinic uses modern methods of treatment, using the latest achievements in the field of medical science and medical technologies.

The clinic has 12 clinical departments. There are 8 lecture rooms, equipped with a multimedia system, which can accommodate up to 640 students, as well as 70 computer classes, which can accommodate up to 1,000 students a day. About 3,500 students visit the clinic within a day. In addition, the clinic provides training of highly qualified staff in the direction of residency and doctoral studies.

The clinic has a modern material and technical base. The computer network has the ability to quickly execute, archive, process statistical, visual and laboratory data of all medical records, as well as transmit it to a specialist from anywhere in the world.

Here you can create video discussions and consultations with leading foreign clinics and world-famous medical specialists.



The surgical clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University has been working since 2013. In the surgical and diagnostic areas of the 500-bed clinic there are 18 departments and 28 divisions.

In a clinic, which is located in a 13-story building, along with training, high diagnostic and surgical treatment and medical care is provided to the population. The clinic has departments of general surgery, pediatric surgery, pelvic surgery, ophthalmology, traumatology, neurosurgery and others. The clinic is equipped with the most modern facilities.

The central laboratory of the clinic is built on a high level, which includes departments of biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics and others.

The laboratory has fully automated, modern biochemical, microbiological, immunological, genetic and other analyzers, used in reference laboratories of world universities. This allows you to conduct any laboratory tests with accuracy and for the shortest time.

The clinic has all the necessary equipment, including wards, equipped with inventory. On the third floor there are 5 intensive care wards for 20 beds and 18 operating rooms.

In the reanimation rooms there are multi-functional electric beds of European manufacture, centralized gas systems, monitors, and artificial respirators.

With the help of a special multifunctional lighting system and cameras, operational processes can be transferred to classrooms, training and conference rooms, as well as to highly qualified specialists abroad and loaded into medical archive of a medical institution.

In the medical center, to increase the knowledge and skills of students, residents and doctoral students, there is a lecture hall and a laboratory. Anatomical, functional models and medical mannequin, having no analogues in the CIS, have been installed in workshops for the training of young professionals at the highest level.



The base library of Azerbaijan Medical University is located in the 5th building of the University. It contains a fund of textbooks, a fund for foreign literature, a fund of magazines, a newspaper fund, a fund of author's abstracts and dissertations, a main fund, as well as a staff service department.

In the library there are 3 reading rooms for 260 people. One of the halls has 32 seats for personal laptops.9 computers are provided to serve readers. The book fund reached 805,000 copies, more than 10,000 readers use our library every year, and over 600,000 books are provided to readers.

Since 2000, the library has access to the Internet, and the library site "medlib.aznet.orq" is also open.


Our library,,,,,,,,,,,,, carries out virtual exchange on its electronic bases.



The main faculties of Azerbaijan Medical University are the I, II preventive medicine faculties. At the faculties highly qualified specialists are trained in the field of "general medicine". Basic subjects of medicine are mainly taught on the I-III years, clinical subjects on the IV-VI years.

Graduates of the faculty, enrolled in the residency, can receive education in the following specialties: anesthesiology and resuscitation, general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, traumatology-orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, therapy, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, hematology, dermatovenereology, rheumatology, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry , narcology, phthisiology, infectious diseases, immunology, allergology, physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation, radiation diagnostics, radiation therapy, microbiology, anatomical pathology, forensic examination, genetics.

At present, 18 departments and 2 courses function at the I Preventive medicine, 17 departments and 1 course at the II Preventive Medicine.



Highly qualified specialists are trained at the faculty of public health in the field of "medical prevention".

Basic subjects of medicine are mainly taught on the I-II years, specialized subjects on the IV-VI years.

Graduates of the faculty, enrolled in the residency, can receive education in the following specialties: hygiene, microbiology, laboratory work, epidemiology, infectious diseases, social hygiene and healthcare organization.

The department also studies the basics of the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, and conducts scientific research to improve the ecological situation in the country.

Currently, the faculty has 10 departments and a research center.



In 2000, on the initiative of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the Department of Military Medicine was established. At this faculty paramedics with secondary education are also able to receive higher education.



The pharmaceutical faculty teaches the basics of pharmaceutical science. Beside specialized subjects, students are taught subjects of theoretical medicine. Along with the practical skills acquired during the quality control of medicines, students gain theoretical knowledge about the development of new drugs.

Students of the faculty receive knowledge and experience in the introduction of modern methods of chemical analysis and the acquisition of new drugs, as well as detailed information about the quality and impact of drugs on the body. Students also take part in research activities in the field of medicines production.

The pharmaceutical faculty in different years trained specialists not only for Azerbaijan, but also for a number of former republics of the USSR (including Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia). Citizens of such states as Turkey, Iran, Syria, Angola, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. are getting education at the faculty. Besides, there are more than 5000 highly qualified pharmacists-bachelors and undergraduates in Azerbaijan, almost all of them are graduates of pharmaceutical faculty of AMU.


There are 8 departments at the pharmaceutical faculty. At the specialized departments of the faculty 11 people defended their doctoral dissertation and more than 44 employees their candidate's thesis on pharmaceuticals till now. Many leading chemists and doctors of biology, who work in ANAS, are graduates of this educational institution.

Currently, the faculty has about 400 students. The majority of graduates continue to receive education in the field of "Pharmaceutical Technology", "Pharmaceutical Chemistry", "Toxicological Chemistry and Pharmacognosy" and "Pharmaceutical Organization". The duration of study at the magistracy is 2 years.



Highly qualified specialists are trained at the faculty of dentistry in the field of "dentistry". At the faculty along with the basic subjects of medicine, the following are taught: prevention of dental diseases, therapeutic dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, oral and maxillary surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, implantology.

In the dental clinic of the University, founded in 2002, specialized subjects are taught at the highest level. In the equipped classrooms, department of X-ray diagnostics and dental technical laboratories of the clinic, students undergo practical classes, acquire practical skills and take part in various surgical operations.

Graduates of the faculty, enrolled in the residency, can receive education in the following specialties: dentistry, facial surgery, social hygiene and healthcare organization.

Currently there are 8 departments in the Faculty of Dentistry. The department also carries out scientific research aimed at improving the diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods of dental diseases and their complications.



The activity of AMU in the field of international relations is based on studying the experience of universities in the near and far abroad, integrating into the European educational space and ensuring the exchange of modern knowledge and technologies, students and teachers to prepare highly qualified medical staff that meets modern requirements.

Azerbaijan Medical University is a member of the Caucasus University Association, Turkic University Union, and the Black Sea Universities Network.

Our university cooperates with a number of international educational, scientific and medical institutions, international organizations, societies and associations (USAID, the American Austrian Foundation (AAF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), TIKA (the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), the World Bank, The British Council, etc.). Students of our university are active members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).

In recent years, our university has established intensive partnerships with international higher educational and research institutions in the framework of bilateral agreements and international programs. In addition, Azerbaijan Medical University is a participant in 7 projects of TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS of the European Commission, as well as Mevlana exchange program.

Currently, our university closely cooperates with 135 universities of 33 countries, as well as with research institutes and clinics. Every year dozens of our teachers visit the partner universities for exchange of experience and hundreds of students and residents undergo summer practice and rotation in foreign universities and clinics. At the same time, well-known scientists and highly qualified experts of the world are regularly invited to our university, their lectures, consultations with local specialists, and also online conferences are organized.



In 1947 the Student Scientific Society was established at the Azerbaijan Medical University. Every year at the end of May the final university-wide conference is held. The best works, audited at the plenary sessions of the society, are presented at the contest "The best student’s scientific work of the year" at the end of December. The best works of students are presented at the All-Republican Conference and rewarded by the jury. A group of students annually takes part in international competitions and receives first-degree diplomas. Over the past 10 years, the Student Scientific Society has held more than 150 scientific conferences at the faculties, more than 1500 conferences at the departments.




AMU has created all conditions for the effective organization of students’ free time. The university has sports and recreation complex, an indoor swimming pool, a health camp "Nabran", a research center, an Internet center, etc.

The university also has mass cultural associations, a dance group"Chinar", a group of "Merry and witty." At the end of each academic year, the "Graduation Day", dedicated to the graduation from AMU, is held. Graduates take the oath of

Hippocrates and pass a white robe, cap and phonendoscope to freshmen, as a symbol of the doctor.

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