Administration / Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Rauf Oruj Baylarov was born in 1961 in Baku. In 1968-1978 he got his secondary education in secondary school No. 23. In 1978-1979 he worked as asanitary doctor in the Republican Urological Hospital. In 1979-1985 he studied at the pediatric faculty of the Azerbaijan Medical Institute. During the education R. Baylarov worked in the intensive care unit at City Hospital No. 2. During 1985-1986 he was an intern at the Baku emergency services.

In 1986-1989 he worked as a pediatrician at the ambulance station in Ali-Bayramli under the Ministry of Health. In 1989-1992, R. Baylarov passed postgraduate studies at the nephrological center of the Research Institute of Pediatrics in Moscow, Russia. Rauf Baylarov successfully defended his thesis and received a Ph.D. in medical sciences.

In 1993 he was appointed an assistant at the Department of Pediatric Diseases of Azerbaijan Medical University. Since 2007 he has been working as an associate professor.

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