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History: one of the first faculties of the Azerbaijan Medical Institute (1930) was the Sanitary- prophylactic faculty. During the first years this faculty trained specialists in food hygiene, housing and communal hygiene, sanitation and epidemiology. In 1932, the faculty of Tropical Medicine was organized, and in 1933 it was merged with the Sanitary and Preventive Faculty. It was renamed the Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty. In 1936, this faculty was closed by order of higher organizations. However, it soon became apparent that the decision was impractical, and the faculty was rebuilt since 1938.

Since 1991 the faculty has been renamed into the faculty of "Medical Prevention".

One of the first deans of the faculty was Professor J. Huseynov. In subsequent years, the faculty was under management: Associate Professor N.G. Bagirov (1944-1949); Associate Professor A. Shikhlinsky (1950); Associate Professor A.H. Abdulov (1950-1962); Associate Professor A.M Mammadov (1963-1966); Prof. T.A. Taghyzade (1966-1968); Associate Professor A.A. Akhmedov (1969); Prof. A. Mammadov (1969-1973); Associate Professor Sh.N. Hasanov (1973-1980); Associate Professor R.M. Yusifov (1981-1982); Associate Professor A.T. Agayev (1982-1985); Associate Professor A.M. Mammadov (1985-1992); Professor H.H. Ibragimov (1992-1995); Associate Professor A.M Mammadov (1995-2017). In 2017, Dean of the Faculty was elected Associate Professor A. Agayev.

Currently, 469 students study at the Faculty of Public Health. The faculty has 10 departments and a research center:

1. Hygiene of children and adolescents, occupational hygiene;

2. Public hygiene and food hygiene;

3. Microbiology and immunology;

4. General hygiene and ecology;

5. Public health and the organization of public health services;

6. Epidemiology;

7. The Azerbaijani language;

8. Chairs of biological chemistry;

9. Phthisiology;

10. Infectious diseases;

11. Research and Development Center.

The main scientific problem, which the staff of the public health faculty faces, is to study the basics of ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population. Employees of the department carry out scientific research work to improve the environmental situation in the country. Students also participate in this study.

Graduates of this faculty can continue their education in the residency and receive the following specialties: microbiology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, hygiene, laboratory work, social hygiene and health care organization.

Currently, the teaching staff of the Faculty of Public Health consists of 197 people. Among them there are 20 professors, 82 teachers, 35 associate professors and 60 assistants.

The faculty has a Staff Trade Union Committee, Student Trade Union Committee, a student youth and sports organization, a student scientific society, a variety of sports and amateur units.

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