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Faculty of Dentistry

History: Faculty of Dentistry of Azerbaijan Medical University was organized in 1954. The aim of the foundation of the faculty was to provide the population of the Republic with highly qualified medical staff.

Along with Azerbaijani students, students from the CIS, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and other countries are studying at the Faculty of Dentistry.

The creation of the dental clinic of the University in 2002 may be considered as the new stage of the faculty of Dentistry. The practical classes in the clinic are carried in the modern equipped classrooms.

719 students study at the Faculty of Dentistry, 235 of them are citizens of foreign countries.  530 students study in Azerbaijani division, 65 students in Russian and124 students in English. Graduates of our faculty successfully work in developed countries of the world.

Teaching staff of the faculty: 17 doctors of science - professors, 56 candidate of sciences, 27 teachers, 96 assistants, 48 senior laboratory assistants. Additionally, 4 doctoral students and 60 residents continue their education. 24 people work on the dissertation.

The faculty has 8 departments and Tabib sports club:

1. Therapeutic dentistry;

2. Orthopedic dentistry;

3. Oral and jaw surgery;

4. Pediatric dentistry;

5. General dentistry;

6. Ear, nose, throat diseases;

7. Orthopedic surgery and topographic anatomy;

8. Foreign Languages Departments.

The activity of the faculty is headed by its Scientific Council and chairman - dean. 

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