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Faculty of II General Medicine

Medical staffs are prepared on the ‘Treatment work specialty in the faculty. Basic medicine subjects are studied at 1-3 courses and clinical subjects at 4-6 courses. Students who have distinguished themselves in the pre-diploma education are given the opportunity to practice at advanced universities in a number of countries (as Turkey, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy).

Along with studies, talented students of the faculty conduct research work on topical problems of medicine in the Student Scientific Society.16 departments and 1 course act at the faculty. 3 of them are theoretic, 14 are clinic departments.

The basic subjects of medicine are taught at the University s main educational base, the clinical subjects of the faculty are held in the University's Educational-Therapeutic Clinic, in the main clinics and polyclinics of Baku, the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology, the Research Institute of Pediatrics, the Institute for the Prevention of Medical Rehabilitation and the Scientific Surgical Center named after Academician M. Topchubashov.

Graduates of this faculty can continue their education in the residency and receive the following specialties: anesthetist-resuscitator, general surgeon, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, cardiovascular surgeon, traumatologist-orthopedist, otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, oncologist, gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist, neuropathologist, psychiatrist, narcologist, phthisiatrician, immunologist, allergist, physiotherapist, radiation diagnostics, microbiologist, pathologist, forensic expert and geneticist. Meanwhile, graduates who do not wish to continue their education at the level of residency, can work in the institutions of the Ministry of Health in the following specialties: district doctor, gerontologist, nutritionist, laboratory assistant, immunologist, infectious disease specialist, microbiologist, virologist, phthisiatrician, psychiatrist, narcologist, physical therapist, statistician, methodologist, physiotherapist, ambulance and emergency doctor.

Teaching staff of the faculty: 1academician, 2 corresponding member of ANAS, 27  doctors of science - professors, 88 candidate of sciences- assistant professor, 77 candidate of sciences-assistant, 80 assistants, 16 senior lecturers, 1colonel.

Students: 1659 students, 157 foreign country citizen, 2 postgraduate students, 4 clinical residents, 20 dissertators.

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